Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is developing nopaque?

    nopaque is developed by a small, interdisciplinary Team at University Bielefeld called Data Infrastructure and Digital Humanities (INF). We are part of the SFB 1288 - Practices of comparing. Ordering and changing the world.

  • Why the name nopaque?

    When we started developing nopaque we wanted to have a cool name like Voyant Tools which can be translated to light or seeing. So we choose opaque thinking that it means that something is transparent. After a while we realized that we misunderstood the meaning of the word (opaque means non-transparent) and simply negated it ending up with nopaque.

    We also think nopaque fits pretty nicley because we want you to be able to make your texts transparent and see through them with our analysis tool to gain new knowledge about them.

  • Is nopaque free to use for everyone?

    Yes nopaque is free to use for everyone! It does not matter if you are a researcher in the humanities, a student or just someone who wants to learn something new.

  • Where can i find nopaque's source code?
  • Could I use nopaque as a permant storage for my research data?

    Your corpus data is theoretically stored as long as your account exists. Since our storage space is unfortunately not infinite, your job related data will be automatically deleted 3 months after job creation. We encourage you to permanently save your data somwhere else.